What have you got to gain?

I’m sorry to do another sponsored post so soon after the last but I think you’ll forgive me when you hear all about this. I had the most glorious get-over-Christmas day at Westfield, having a make-over and becoming a billboard model (yes! Really! Me! Ok, ok, don’t overdo the disbelief …) for lovely Special K. And the good news is that you can do it too!

Now I’ve never been a diet fan, given my life-long commitment to chocolate, cake and eating in general, but I do want to steer my girls in a sensible path around food groups which are, ahem, perhaps less vitamin-charged than others. Special K used to be all about ramming yourself into your jeans by substituting meals for cereal, or dropping a dress size in two weeks. I’m sorry, but I really didn’t approve. I know, from the numerous friends that have tried crash diets over the years, that, whether it involves pineapples, steak, cabbage soup or raw food, it works perfectly well for a short while, but then you just put all the weight back on again, with a few extra wobbly bits for luck. But now Special K have completely changed their message, to something I can support with a light heart. Their campaign is no longer about what you can lose, but what you’ll gain, by eating sensibly all year round. Of course they’d love us to include a lot of Special K in our diets, but as they have a lot of new products, including their Biscuit Moments snack bars (coming out in chocolate flavour soon) and their rather yummy crunchy cluster cereal, with real chocolate curls, that’s not toooo difficult, even for a dietophobe like me.

Obviously, they’re jumping on the New Year bandwagon – getting us while we’re bloated with Christmas cake, sitting in the wreckage of our broken resolutions, and probably covered with pimples from the annual overdose of Baileys. But their message, thank goodness, isn’t ‘look in the mirror and hate yourself,’ but ‘think about what you can GAIN.’ Whether that’s confidence, sparkle, ooomph, glamour or pizazz, Special K say you can get it by taking control of your lifestyle and making steps to change the things you don’t like. I love it. It’s positive, it’s cheery, it’s non-judgemental and, by jove, it just might work.

I went along with ten other bloggers, including the lovely English Mum, Exmoor Jane and Being a Mummy (links not working!) and we were thoroughly spoiled, having our hair and make-up done. There was even a lovely Colour Me Beautiful consultant, Charlotte, to point us in the right direction sartorially. But I don’t suppose you want to hear about me having a fabulous, glamorous time yet again. The real point is you can go along yourself, to Westfield at Shepherd’s Bush, any time in the next two weeks and sign up for a pampering session yourself. I thoroughly recommend it.

Oh, and my picture? When I got home, I showed it off to the girls and TL. ‘Lovely, Mummy,’ said my daughters. ‘Oh dear,’ said TL. Hmmm. Thanks.

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