Bouncing back

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Enough doom and gloom – let’s start the Twixtmas (that’s between Christmas and New Year’s Eve) phase with a bounce. And the best way to achieve a truly springy bounce is via a trampoline. Child One, though now 17 (gulp) still loves to go out and bounce on the trampoline several times a day. It’s a great keep fit aid (not that I would know, I don’t utterly share Child One’s passion) and seems to keep her in perfect trim, despite Lindor chocolate truffles and the rest of the festive temptations that call to us from all sides.

In fact, our trampoline has been so well-loved that, even though it’s relatively new (we bought it when we moved here, about two years ago), one of the springs has worn out. No sooner had Child One come in from the cold and told me this, and no sooner had I started thinking, ‘where on earth can I source a single trampoline spring, surely even the Internet won’t have one of those?’, when an email pinged into my in box. It was a kind lady offering me a trampoline. “Er, don’t need a trampoline, already got one, but I do need a spring,’ I ventured.

‘Absolutely fine, the spring is in the post,’ chirped the kind lady. How marvellous. How serendipitous. How typical of you, said TL. As soon as you need a trampoline spring, one appears. Yes, I know. I’m very lucky. And is a very fine shop indeed. A big thank you to them. And happy bouncing to you.

Happy bouncing

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