I saw a friend today for the first time in a few months, and she was very apologetic about not ringing. ‘I knew you were having Troubles, and I didn’t like to intrude,’ she whispered, even though there were only the two of us there.

Cancer is still a hushed-voice kind of illness, and rightly so I suppose given its seriousness, but according to all the latest stuff in the papers, it’s going to affect one in two of us. There won’t be many of us speaking at normal volume soon.

Just so you know, I am now what’s called ‘in remission’. They have taken all the bad bits out, and we are all hoping that’s it. There will be scans and so on to make sure. There’s no chemotherapy or radiotherapy with melanoma.

It feels like an uneasy truce between me and the disease. Hope it’s a lasting one. Or just plain victory! GetAttachment-3.aspx

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