Wrap, Splat, Hat with Ambre Solaire


Just as I was wondering whether TL had thought of packing any suncream for the Wilderness Festival this weekend, the doorbell went. It was one of those great moments of synchronicity – a messenger was standing there proffering a huge package from Ambre Solaire, containing their new and rather brilliant kids’ range, including an Anti-Sand Spray and a Wet Skin Lotion, both SPF factor 50 and containing anti UVA and anti UVB filters.




I’ve had Stage 3 malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, so I am completely bonkersĀ about sun cream and wear it every single day without fail. Yes, obviously, that horse has bolted for me (though my particular melanoma was not sun-related) but I’m damned if the sun is going to make things worse, so I take great trouble to lock my stable door. I do my best to inflict total suncream coverage on the whole family, too – but they are understandably reluctant to be smothered in gloop every time they stick their heads outside.


That’s the beauty of these new products by Ambre Solaire – they avoid the heavy, sticky feel that we all hate with suncream. They are absorbed into the skin quickly and don’t leave that tell-tale white glow behind (particularly off-putting for teenagers).

The sand spray is really clever. It helps to brush off the sand, which otherwise gets trapped in a horrible gritty ‘sand’wich when you slather lotion on top. It also has 360 degree application, so you can shoot a fine mist over a fast-moving toddler. How cunning is that?

The Wet Skin lotion is great if you’re by a pool, with the kids jumping in and out of the water all day. As you know, the rays are reflected strongly by the water and you need to reapply lotion frequently, even if you’re using a waterproof product. This new lotion can be slapped straight on a wet and wriggling back and will still do its job, so you don’t have to worry about towelling your little dears dry when all they really want to do is jump straight back in the water again.



TL and the kids headed off to the Oxford festival – which they loved, by the way – with these goodies in their back packs and I’m glad to say they returned today the same colour as they went away – an excellent result when we’ve had a hot weekend and when they are always much too busy to want to apply, let alone reapply, lotion.


Ambre Solaire is also recommending sunglasses, T shirts and hats in hot sun, with its ‘Wrap, Splat, Hat’ campaign. I’m definitely on their side, but having a high factor, easy to apply suncream is a great first step in your defence armoury and means that, even if your child is reluctant to cover up, they have a reduced chance of skin damage. Getting painful sunburn, even once every two years, can triple your risk of melanoma, according to figures from Cancer Research UK – and believe me, you don’t want that.

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