Yankee doodle just dandy

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I’ve always been a fan of Yankee Candle. In case you don’t know the brand, it’s a scented candle range with the volume turned RIGHT UP. You can usually smell a Yankee Candle stand long before you see it. But I like a candle with a bit of feistiness, instead of these wishy-washy overbred numbers that burn sedately for hours without a whiff of scent.

Also, there was a Yankee Candle stand at the English Shop way out in Tervuren when I lived in Brussels. For a long while, I saw no reason to visit the shop. It sold things like Battenburg cake in bright pink and yellow, and copies of mags like Take a Break which seemed to be out of a different era. Eventually, though, as my time abroad stretched from a two-year stint to nearly nine years, I felt the call of things like Tetley tea much more strongly than I ever thought I would. I started to ‘pop’ to the shop – ridiculous, as it was a 40 minute drive away. Then, luckily, Child One’s maths became tangled enough to need a tutor and I found myself driving to Tervuren once a week. The hours she spent on her times tables, with a truly delightful lady who kept chickens and rabbits and was also a maths whizz, was just long enough for me to go and sniff the lovely heady Yankee Candles and even look at the sickly Battenburgs with a surprising amount of nostalgia. Obviously, I bought a lot of candles.

Nowadays, passing a Yankee Candle stand gives me a pang of yearning – for the English shop in Tervuren. Yes, I miss it, even though I only went there as I was missing something else. Go figure.

Anyway, Yankee Candle has a new spring range out, including delights like Summer Scoop ice cream fragrancs and Pineapple Cilantro. If nowhere near you stocks them, you can always buy candles online. It’s perfect for those, like me, who are unlikely to be able to afford an exotic holiday this year. I strongly advise you to sniff them out.

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