You Really Shouldn’t Have!

My lovely fellow South London blogsister, Goodbye To All Fat, has sweetly awarded me this adorable Arte e Pico thingy. Isn’t it gorgeous? And don’t you just love her dress? I confess that, apart from the deep honour, I’m not a hundred per cent sure that I’ve grasped the full import, but I do know that I must now pass the flaming baton – so like the Bejing Olympics! – to five other bloggers. I would like to nominate Rosiero at Alcoholic Daze for a blog so honest and harrowing it never fails to distract me from my own ridiculous woes, I Want Slippers for her sweetly optimistic tale of adultery, in the hope this will encourage her to get back online after being scared by a lawyer (how I know that feeling!), Rural Villager for a blog which is a healthy blast of fresh air for this jaded city girl, Fiction Fobic for quirky book reviews which everyone should read, and (Very) Lost in France, for anyone still toying with the idea of buying their own chateau. I would have nominated Potty Mummy but she seems to have hundreds of awards already, as does splendid Dulwich Mum, and next time I’m going to nominate the very lovely Tarte Tartan and Cat Calls, not forgetting dear Married with 4, who sadly seems to have stopped blogging. Nunhead Mum of One would have been on my list, but the award originally came from her, and of course Goodbye To All Fat deserves it more than anyone – but has already got it.
Phew. It just remains for me to thank my astrologist, my florist, my team of lawyers and, of course, Mr X, without whom none of this would have been impossible. And anyone else who knows me! Mwah to you all xxx. Ooopsie, think I’ve torn my frock getting off the podium ….

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