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I must admit that, as the winter approaches, I think about my health a lot more. That’s partly because I live in a house festooned with piles of tissues, as TL has had a cold, Child Two is working on developing a cold, and I have an unspecified allergy which is officially blamed on the enormous plane tree outside the house, but which I suspect really stems from our two lovely cats. The sound of sniffing, hacking, wheezing and even the odd bit of whining (from me, naturally) is the soundtrack to my life at the moment.

Given our snuffle-ridden state, it seems like a very good moment to mention Bupa’s clever new health insurance scheme, Bupa By You, which I’ve been asked to bring to your attention. It’s rather nifty as you can tailor it to your specific requirements and adapt it to fit your budget.

Niftier still, Bupa is inviting everybody to make their own special Bupa video ads, showing what healthiness means to you. For example, if your idea of perfect healthiness is doing a cross-country run, going to the gym and finishing off with an hour of Zumba, get a friend to film you going through your paces and, when you’ve got your breath back, upload it to the Bupa site. Alternatively, if your view of true health involves adding a banana to your usual stack of chocs in front of the telly, then go for it (though as a little tip, I don’t think the second one will win. Pity). Of course, humour, an unusual sport or hobby or just sheer cinematic brilliance will really help you to win the prize. And what a prize – the best ad will be shown on national telly, and the winner will receive a MacBook Air, with two runners-up getting Flip HD pocket camcorders.

If your child is a budding film maker, or if you’ve always fancied yourself as an auteur but never had an outlet, do give it a go. After all, someone’s got to win. And, as I reach for another choc slice of banana, I’m not sure it’s going to be me.

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