Month: May 2010

Muddling along in the city

Hello and welcome to the gorgeous Muddling Along Mummy, who is my guest for the day. It’s a wonder I’m still speaking to her, actually, as she got invited to the film premiere I so wanted to go to …..but she’s so lovely, and such a brilliant writer, that I forgive her everything. Big thanks to Littlemummy for …

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People sometimes ask me why I haven’t blogged for a while. The answer is usually some horrible emotional meltdown, or computer failure, or act–of-God style impediment (getting stuck in Barbados due to volcanic ash, for instance). Of course, inertia also plays a large part. But there is one major culprit. My cat. Yes, the gorgeous …

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Turning a corner

I think I may have turned a corner. Someone from a glossy magazine asked me to write about divorce the other day – offering genuine money and everything – and I’ve decided not to. I feel as though I’ve been there, done that, picked the cotton, combed it, carded it, woven it, printed the logo …

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Tooth fairy

Off to Soho at the weekend to see the Tooth Fairy – a charming tale of a professional ice hockey player whose game, and life, have slipped. He spends his days reducing grown men to tears, by whacking the teeth out of their heads on the ice, and his evenings making children sob by telling them …

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Getting the bus to school ….

A huge thank you to the lovely E for sending me these pictures: Getting the school bus, Japanese-style: Quite swanky, you might think. Well, look inside: Yep, computers and desks! Here they are in use: And here’s how they get to school in India: I wonder who has more fun?!

Fluff balls

Hello darlings, I know I promised you the full gen on my protracted holidays, but a certain amount of hissing and booing at the school gates has made me aware that people may not have total sympathy for the Barbados contingent of volcationers. I’ve also taken a lot longer than I thought to scale the mountain …

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