Month: June 2011

Book Club

I’ve been thinking about setting up a Book Club here for a while, but all the talk of finding niches at Cybermummy has made me feel I should stop shilly-shallying and just get on with it! You may have noticed that I have a little box on the right-hand side listing a book I’m reading …

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Thanks Tesco Real Food

Well, off I went to Cybermummy 11 and good fun it was too, so thank you so much to Tesco Real Food for my ticket. I’m not sure if I’m really a conference person, though. The bits I enjoyed were meeting blogging friends, eating cupcakes, eating the lunch (is there a theme developing here?) and …

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I’m a bit nervous about Cybermummy 11 tomorrow. To be honest, if lovely Tesco Real Food hadn’t sponsored me, I would probably think of a million reasons not to turn up. These would range from taking Child One to her Duke of Edinburgh volunteering, which she insists on calling her ‘community service’, to getting a …

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Three Word Wednesday

This is my entry for lovely Tara’s Three Word Wednesday Gallery. On Sunday I had a brainwave. The very big chair upstairs would look better downstairs. I was definitely right (I always am). But there was a problem. I was alone in the house. And the big chair was very big. Very, very big. Because …

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Too cool for school

Take a look at this, from the school that my girls used to go to in Brussels: European School Brussels I LipDub These kids are seriously too cool for school. Though possibly they should have spent the rehearsal time revising for their bacs (European Baccalaureate) …. just saying.

Beef and ale tale

Sponsored post Having interviewed Lorraine Kelly last week I was really keen to crack on with making her beef and ale pie, which is her recipe as part of the Tesco Real Food Challenge, but of course I had to wait until the stars were in the right conjunction … or rather, for a moment …

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Big hugs

  Sponsored Post Isn’t it amazing that Nivea is 100 years old this year? It was the first beauty product I used, and I remember feeling tremendously sophisticated when I unscrewed the cap on the cleansing milk. And then feeling terribly disappointed as I poured it into my palm and half the bottle went down …

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Going to the ball

This is a bit of a belated update, and I must admit I only really remembered to post it because it’s the same dismal weather here again today, but on Sunday we went to Capital Radio’s Summertime Ball. I used to listen to Capital as a teenager – I even won a T-shirt in a …

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