Month: December 2011

My blogging CV

Lovely Tara at Stickyfingers and Jay from Mocha Bean Mummy spent a day last summer trying to stop a bunch of mummy bloggers giggling for long enough to make a calendar. Now they’ve asked us to run through our blogging CV if we want a copy. Well, I do want a copy, though I’m pretty …

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Skirting the issue

Consternation in the car this morning as Child Two told me one of her friends got a big ticking-off from the form teacher after assembly. ‘The teacher said her skirt was way too short and she should pull it down. But my friend said she couldn’t, it wouldn’t go any longer …’ At this point, …

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Ducking and diving

First of all, a lovely Christmas treat for you all. I’ve got you a special offer of 20% off everything at Bombay Duck! I love their stuff – quirky, kitschy, twinkly and sparkly. You’ll easily be able to find presents for sisters, sisters-in-laws, friends, teachers, neighbours and all the rest. Admittedly, it’s not the first …

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Christmas all wrapped up?

You’re probably struggling with your Christmas wrapping now, as I am. Well, have a little look at this video, and give thanks every time you have a nice easy book to smother in reindeer paper …..     And maybe don’t try this at home?!  

The Help

Let’s all gather round my virtual fire and have a lovely cosy chat about our latest Book Club offering, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. That’s right, pull up a chair, let me pour you a cup of tea and pass you a slice of coffee and walnut cake, just to get the thought processes going …

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Wish lists

Another intriguing tale from my wonderful new US correspondent (erm, it’s my big brother, and no, he’s not being paid, unless you count his Christmas pair of socks. Oooops, I think I may have let the tinsel-decked cat out of the festive bag there). Apparently Santa in the States is now so thoroughly au fait …

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I’ve heard of personalised numberplates ………… but surely there’s such a thing as TOOOOO personal?  

Making a date?

There are a whole lot of dates around at Christmas, aren’t there? Those strange dried-up dates in the coffin-shaped boxes, that you only see at this time of year, with the odd little plastic fork which bends as soon as it sees a solid object. Then all those unmissable dates like the nativity play, in …

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