Duvet days


There are some words which instantly grab my attention in an email subject line. Chocolate is one – though I never deigned to reply to the PR who used the word chocolate to get me to open the mail, then didn’t mention it again once in a 300-word puff for something that didn’t fit my blog – and bedding is another.

I’ve always had a thing about duvets, covers and throws. One of my first jobs was on the Daily Telegraph’s women’s pages, in the days when Fanny Craddock still wrote the recipes. What fun we had the time that the paper printed ‘1 tin’ of bicarb of soda, instead of ‘1 teaspoon’ in a recipe for sponge pudding. Ovens exploded all over Middle England, and there was much gnashing of retired colonels’ teeth, as their lady wives scraped their puds off the walls.

While the other assistant spent her lunchtime smoking, not eating much and meeting up with cool and glamorous boys, I spent my hour frantically bussing it to Liberty’s in Regent Street to buy Tana Lawn pillowcases. I absolutely loved the flower prints. I still do. If I had my way, every room in the house would be filled with Liberty prints, and the bedroom especially would be knee-deep in gorgeous duvets, eiderdowns, throws and pillows, all in jewel-bright colours.

Luckily, these days I am a lot more restrained. All right, I have just bought one Liberty print chair, but apart from that I’ve been really, really good.  I’ve even *gulp* had to part with a few duvets, pillows and covers which had really seen better days and which I really couldn’t find a corner for, even in the big new house.

So when the lovely Duvet and Pillow Warehouse (I know, I’d never heard of them either, but they really are good. Have a look at their website here) asked me to test out one of their duvets, I almost severed their hands neatly at the wrist with my dainty incisors. Luckily, they weren’t put off by my enthusiasm and a lovely mulberry silk duvet arrived a couple of days later.

Silk? I hear you cry. In spring? Well yes, I was surprised too, but in fact silk turns out to be the very thing for these warmer months. It’s very light, it’s super-absorbent and it feels drapey without being at all hot. Absolutely gorgeous. A big thank you to DAPW. All I need now is a beautiful Liberty’s duvet case to dress it up in 🙂

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