Egg and spoon race

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I’ve bought three calendars this year, in a bid to get more organised. Unfortunately, none of them have the children’s holiday dates written on them yet ….. but I know Easter is coming up soon because wonderful Cadbury’s has given me something to do with them all during the holidays.

Mind you, we have obviously rushed out and done it waaaay before the break has even started, because who can wait till then (a week, is it, or two even?)? If you’re small, it’s not easy to sleep at night if you know there are Cadbury’s goodies hidden in the kitchen cupboard. And, to be honest, it’s not easy if you are big – well, biggish – either.

So today we got busy. Lovely Cadbury’s had sent us two boxes of their Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon and a clever instruction sheet showing us how to fashion the box into a sheep. Except we looked at the box and we thought it looked much more like a ….giraffe. Can’t you see? Yes, definitely. A giraffe. I was a bit surprised, as I’d rushed out and bought a huge quantity of cotton wool especially to make sheep with. But I must admit that the giraffe looks very smart with his stripy purple neck and happy smile. He’s supposed to be a holder for the four eggs which originally nestled inside the purple box. The eggs are long gone, though. Somehow. How on earth did that happen?




To tell the truth, it was easy. You just bite the top off the egg, and scoff the chocolate mousse with the spoon so thoughtfully provided. Some of us (ahem) found we didn’t need the spoons at all, and could just munch the egg down without. As there are two spoons between four eggs, and ninety-million viruses wriggling away in most small children, this is probably a sensible option.


One minute the box was full of eggs, the next it was a large purple (empty) giraffe. Well, constructing stuff is very hungry work. Or so I’m told, anyway.

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