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It’s been odd, after what seems like a lifetime bringing up girls, to observe the male of the species growing up. My stepson is now 7, and a very sweet boy he is. No doubt he would make a most disgruntled face at that description, but there we are. He’s lovely.

There’s no denying that his requirements are different, though. Space, action, loud shouting, things to kick – all of these are pretty essential, whereas girls at the same age like to huddle together, whisper and play with minuscule bits of plastic in scenarios that make Game of Thrones look amateur. In some ways, I’d like to encourage him to do the quiet, complicated, nuanced girl stuff – but the price paid by all of us would be too high. He needs room to be a boy in. Luckily, we have a garden, and he and I are really the only ones who use it. He kicks random stuff, and I faff around trying to stop the lawn developing severe Male Pattern Baldness.

What he needs is a football team to join him, and that’s why I was excited to hear about Samsung’s Dream the Blues II campaign, launched with Chelsea football club. Its charming new video features lots of famous footballers milling about in ordinary back gardens, inspiring boys to go on football camps to have the chance to play with their heroes. There’s a lovely moment when Torres (who I assume is amazingly well known) is given a major ticking off for breaking a flower pot. Bless!

The idea is that the most passionate kids from the football camps will be picked to play with real live Chelsea FC stars.┬áIt could be just the thing for Child Four. Now all we need is some grass seed, and it’ll be a perfect summer.

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