Four in a row

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Oh my goodness, those clever chappies at the Radisson Park Inn have come up with a devilishly cunning game in their great holiday giveaway competition. As if it wasn’t enough that they are offering free week-long holidays – free, I tell you! – in Berlin and Tunisia, as well as £250 vouchers to be spent in more than 200 hotels in 16 different countries, and the chance for two people a week to win an iPad, they’ve actually concocted the most addictive way to enter. Just click here to Play 4 Park Inn and you’ll see what I mean. The idea of the game is to try and outwit the manager, and get four room keys of your colour in a row before he does. I don’t know whether it’s the upbeat, hotel lift-style muzak, the smirk of the hotel manager or just the challenge of trying to beat him – and he moves jolly quickly – but I’d played 4 in a row about ten times before I realised time was ticking away and I was supposed to be telling you about the competition, instead of entering it myself.

The competition runs until 18th December, and you have to be 18 to play. Check out the other terms and conditions at Once you’ve played – and I challenge you to try to play just one single game, you’ll be on there half the day, I know it – you get a chance to enter the competition, just by leaving your name and email.

It’s really simple to do, and of course it’s got me musing – where would I go if I won? Of course, one of the week-long holidays would be tempting, but you can also use the £250 vouchers at Radisson hotels in the UK, so there would be the possibility of popping away for a weekend of thorough spa-style pampering …. I think that’s what I’d go for. I can just see myself now, in one of those thick, fluffy white bathrobes, having a manicure and pedicure and sipping a lovely big cappuccino – ah, bliss! I might just have to hop back on that website and enter a few more times to make sure! Good luck everyone.
Play 4 Park Inn

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