I’ll vouch for it

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The lovely chappies at VoucherHub have asked me to have a peek at their site and, as I’ve already come clean about having a little bit of a voucher habit this week, I’ve said a breezy ‘why not?’

My voucher addiction started a couple of years ago, when I noticed that, during internet shopping, you get to the checkout and there’s usually a little box saying ‘voucher codes’ or ‘discount codes’. At first, I just wondered what on earth it meant. Then I thought, there are people out there getting discounts on this stuff, how are they doing that? And then I thought, well actually, why aren’t I getting discounts too??

So I Googled discount codes and lots of different sites came up. Now, they are by no means perfect. Quite a lot of the vouchers have expired by the time you get to them, or they offer free post and packing, which would be available anyway. You might well find you waste five or ten minutes like this per purchase, which could be too much for some people.  But, every now and then, you can find strike retail gold and find a voucher which will get you 10, 15 or even 20 per cent off something you were going to buy anyway. I’ve really no objection to that. And, in these straitened times, it seems more and more like a pretty good idea.

Anyway, over to VoucherHub. Now in the past I have not taken a huge amount of notice of the names of voucher sites – I was interested in the vouchers, full stop. VoucherHub, though, seems nicely designed and simple to use. It has a good clear form where you can share details of offers you may have found yourself, so that other people can benefit. It has some good offers, like its current Debenhams vouchers and a couple of Pizza Express offers which I shall be printing out and using in the Dulwich Village branch. The ‘expiring soon’ section seems like a good idea too. Go on, give it a go. You know you want to!

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