Iron Horses of the West

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One of the perks of having a blog is that people offer you nice things to try out. Often I’m not sure whether they’ll be used and I try my best to say no (though it’s hard to turn down free stuff – it just is!) and sometimes I say yes and wonder if I’ll regret it.

Iron Horses of the West, the Great Western Railway street art book, I’ll admit, fell into this category, but with four children of wildly different ages to entertain over a couple of looming weekends, and several family meals out in restaurants planned, I realised I needed all the help I could get.


Luckily, this lovely colouring book, with pictures by Bristol-based urban street artist Andy Council, proved a massive hit. Whether it was the quirky, dreamy designs or the fact that colouring-in is such a lovely, peaceful thing to do (I suppose a billion mindfulness colouring books can’t be wrong), we all got involved and really enjoyed ourselves.

I loved the wonderfully gung-ho Iron Horses title, and all the picture captions are similarly quirky. To allow everyone to colour their own page (very important for most age groups, it turns out) I had to rip out the pages – very sorry, GWR – and one of the bits we liked best at the end was matching up the pictures with their rather lyrical captions.


If you’re going to restaurants with slow service, have a lot of assorted children to entertain, or even if you just like trains, we can recommend this lovely book.



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