It’s Review Time

Hello lovely people, it’s review time again – with any luck you’ll find a bit of present inspiration here. I haven’t found any good tips in the papers this year – I nearly hurled my Guardian weekend section across the room on Saturday when one of their ‘experts’ opined that a scented candle was always a good bet ‘as no one ever buys them for themselves.’ Well, that certainly is a thunderflash of enlightenment. Anyway, hopefully no one will be hurling their laptops as we crack on with my reviews:

1. Nioessentials. I haven’t been sponsored by them, I bought a bottle of their hand lotion at the school’s Frost Fair and it’s so lovely I think you should know about it. The bottle is a deep blue, like the Neal’s Yard ones, and the lotion smells divine. My girls and I keep it in the car so we can cheer ourselves up with it on the south circular. They do all kinds of other bits and bobs including bath bombs, body lotions and oils. If it’s as good as the hand lotion, it’ll be brilliant. I did promise Pascale, Nioessential’s aromatherapist, that I would follow her on Twitter (she only had two followers, bless) but I lost her card, so I hope she reads this and follows me instead!

2. Arthur Christmas. A new, and no doubt delightfully heart-warming, animated Christmas DVD to keep the kids quiet entertain your little treasures over the festive period. I must confess I left the smaller children to review this and didn’t get much of a synopsis out of them, though both agreed it was excellent in non-specific ways. Justin Bieber sings a song and some great British talent, including James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, do the voices. I have two copies to give to two lucky families, just comment below to enter (UK only, sorry).

3. Ok, this isn’t terribly festive, and probably wouldn’t make a great present (unless you truly hate the person) but it is actually very useful. It’s Hedrin’s new Treat and Go headlice zapper. It’s a non-drip, non-smelly mousse which you leave on the hair all day and rinse off at night. I won’t bother you with the way it kills the lice (suffice to say it’s revolting) but apparently the great thing is that the creatures won’t be able to develop a resistance to it. Ha! That’s what the scientists think. I bet those lousy lice are working on it right now, the sneaky devils. But in the meantime, this sounds as though it works better than anything else on the market. Go for it, and have a scratch-free 2013.

Arthur Christmas – like the slippers



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