One day at a time

Ok. Can I just ask you this one question? Which do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing advent calendar? Is it this one, crafted from wood, hand-painted in dove grey with touches of pale teal and terracotta, and complete with its own personal Santa loitering by the door:

House Beautiful


Or this one?

Teen Dream?

A tacky, hastily put-together-before-they-get-passe, nightmare of cheap tackiness.

Do you need a moment to think about it?

If you do, you’re not a teenager. If you were teenage, you would have screamed at the sight of One Direction badly photocopied onto cardboard, and you would have run off to drool over your idols (and possibly even the chocolate) in your incredibly messy bedroom.

Teenagers. Tsk. I hope they grow out of it. Meanwhile, I might just open a couple of the wooden handcrafted pale-grey house that’s all forlorn in the kitchen …..



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