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I’ve been waiting for ages to write this post as I’ve been very scientifically testing some lovely products, all on your behalf of course. They’re from Tazeka Aromatherapy and the packaging is really stunning.




Have you spotted the common denominator? Yes, the three little bottles. They look like extremely upmarket little perfume flasks, but in fact they are aromatherapy remedies.

I just adore the way they they’ve been made, so much prettier than Bach Rescue Remedies or any of the other quick-fix sprays or pills on the market.

The remedies I asked for were for sleeplessness, headaches and tension, probably not a combination most people would want to own up to, as it doesn’t make one come over as the sanest or healthiest of individuals. But as I was doing an honest test, I thought I’d ask for stuff I might actually need – not every single day, but occasionally. And, as the packaging is so ultra-swanky, there’s no fear of anyone being able to identify your own particular neuroses (although there are little slogans printed up the sides of the bottles, like ‘headache helper’, you’d have to be quite close to read them).

So I’ve been trying out the therapies solidly for a couple of weeks now, and I definitely think the headache one helps to see off a nascent migraine. It doesn’t cure one which is already in full swing, but if you catch the first signs of a headache building and quickly roll the remedy onto your temples and pulse points, it definitely works to lessen the pain.

The sleeplessness one has a lovely scent and feels very relaxing, but I can’t say it’s proved a cure for insomnia. My sleep patterns aren’t great and I think I need to work on a lot of things to make a change. It would be unfair to expect one little bottle to become a magic bullet. I’m sure the remedy would definitely find a place in a more coherent pro-sleep programme, though – but I’m too tired to dream one up!

The tension remedy is my particular favourite, just because it smells so delicious. It contains rose, jasmine, lavender and coriander and the scent is even better than that sounds. I’d quite happily use this instead of my usual perfume and I’m sure having it waft around me during the day would do wonders for any tense moments. I keep it on my bedside table at the moment but I’m thinking I might be better off with it in my handbag for little top-ups during the day.

All the blends are organic, pure, untested on animals and generally lovely in all possible ways. If you’re feeling a bit down, or need a tiny boost somehow, who knows, this could be just the thing. There are also remedies for confidence boosting, for PMS and for slimming as well. And it’s not all doom and gloom – there are even two aphrodisiac blends, his and hers.

And the best thing of all? Everyone will think you’ve just got a beautiful new flacon of perfume.



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