Win a year’s salary

What would you do if you won a year’s salary?

At the moment, I think I’d probably just cry. All right, everyone knows you don’t get rich by blogging unless your name is Dooce, but most people say they can just about cover their coffee bills.

Maybe I drink too much coffee.

Luckily, PayPal’s fantastic new competition isn’t to win a year’s salary as earned by me – it’s to win a glossy, glorious normal salary of – wait for it – £40,000. The kind of sum I’d make only if I got my finger somehow jammed on the 0 button of my calculator.

What would I do if I won £40,000? Hmmm, that’s a good question. I’d spend some time trying to quieten down the good angel on my shoulder, who’d be whispering unbelievably virtuous and dull stuff about paying off chunks of mortgage and seeing about the double glazing, and I’d be listening intently to my bad angel, who’s spent ages recently telling me I really neeeeeeeeed a new handbag from Mulberry, and one of those gorgeous little Figaro convertibles that Sarah-Jane drives in the CBBC show, and probably it’s about time I went back to Barbados for another holiday. Or two. And maybe I should buy a swanky new computer from Dell, while I’m at it.

 What would you do if you won £40,000? It’s a lot harder deciding than it is entering PayPal’s competition. All you need to do is to buy something using PayPal. The more times you buy, the more times you are automatically entered. And it’s a weekly draw. Sounds good to me! After all, something I would definitely do if I were suddenly £40,000 richer would be to get all the Christmas presents done and dusted straight away. You may not know but all your online purchases, from places like Woolworths, Toys R Us, Halfords and Nike, could be made using PayPal, potentially giving you loads of chances to win. Check the terms and conditions here.  Enter now for your chance to win


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