Month: November 2009

Wreathed with smiles

Here’s a snap of the front door of Divorce Towers: Yes, yes, I know it’s still only November ….I know Christmas is aaaages away ….but actually I had my Christmas party yesterday, so I got the wreath out early and stuck it up and it did seem to help get us all in a festive mood. There …

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Picture Perfect Meme

About 400 years ago, my splendiferous friend Linda from You’ve Got Your Hands Full and Have A Lovely Time tagged me with the Picture Perfect Meme. The idea was to get your child to draw you, with – almost always – hilarious results. Then, 399 years ago, Tara from Sticky Fingers mentioned it too. Since …

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Mums’ Rules

Oooooh, the excitement! John Lewis has offered me a £25 voucher in exchange for my top tips on a perfect family Christmas! I am touched that anyone would think for a second that I, the homewrecker of Herne Hill, would have the least clue about creating family harmony – and particularly John Lewis, surely the most sensible and …

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Pink Lady

I was tootling through Tooting this morning on my way to work, through the dark November drizzle, the nasty big buses and the grumpy commuters, when I came across this lovely sight: That is surely the only way to travel through Tooting – on a sugar pink bike, wearing sugar pink bike leathers, with a …

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Hard to credit

I was avoiding going to bed with my thoughts last night and, for some reason, I decided to check my credit card bill online. This is something I never do. Once a purchase is made, I rarely revisit the scene of the crime, and do my best to forget everything about the new item and …

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I love London

As a Londoner, I often forget to do ‘London’ things with the girls. I am so used to seeing the Houses of Parliament from the train when I’m off to buy deadly boring stuff like netball skirts that Pugin’s amazing building has all but lost its charm, while, on a clear day,  you can catch sight of the …

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You know you’ve got a teenager in the house when ….

They may remind you strongly of the adorable tiny babies you brought home long, long ago. But teenage girls are a breed apart. No longer children, not quite adults, they lurch around somewhere in the middle, usually crashing into things and blaming you because it’s soooo your fault. Hey, they didn’t ask to be born, did they? …

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Smashing Pumpkins

Nearly Wordless Wednesday …. You never know quite what you’re going to find in a pumpkin ……. A witchypoo …….or ….. …this amazing catbat, or, even scarier still …….. …..a whole bunch of Mummybloggers! Lovely Laura, Jo,  Erica and me, snapped by Tara at Port Aventura.