Month: March 2014

Egg and spoon race

Sponsored post  I’ve bought three calendars this year, in a bid to get more organised. Unfortunately, none of them have the children’s holiday dates written on them yet ….. but I know Easter is coming up soon because wonderful Cadbury’s has given me something to do with them all during the holidays. Mind you, we …

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Prince charming?

Have you seen the documentary, Good Swan, Bad Swan? It’s narrated by former prima ballerina Tamara Rojo, the artistic director of the English National Ballet, and is really fascinating. If you have the least interest in ballet, music, art, or even love, you’ll be gripped. I confess, I was one of the zillions of little …

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clever little capsules

It’s review time

I love getting surprises in the post. These days it’s more likely to be things I’ve forgotten I’ve ordered than actual genuine presents out of the blue, but it’s exciting all the same. So I was very thrilled to get a huge box from coffee folk Carte Noire. We’ve had an Nespresso machine for years. …

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By the book?

Interesting piece in the Observer yesterday about authors scrabbling to make ends meet. Admittedly, he didn’t produce many examples of writers gnawing crusts in garrets, and the lady in the photos lived in a hugely charming, shabby-but-chic house in Oxford. If that’s grinding poverty, most of us would say bring it on. I think he …

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