Child Two

Easter eggs

Sponsored post My lovely friends at Cadbury’s have had a difficult Easter, what with all the hooha about what to call their lovely hunt and how religious their eggs should be these days. Goodness, how much time people do have to get cross. Well, they’ll always be Easter eggs to me and I’ll always be …

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The golden ticket

Well, another friend’s daughter has gone off to university today. When I popped round yesterday, there was a huge pile of all her worldly goods – all the ones wanted on this part of her voyage, anyway – by the front door. Among them was a pin board with a picture of one of her …

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Ghost Busting

There’s been a huge hoo-ha about the new Ghostbusters film – changing the lead characters to female. I must admit I’d be a bit miffed if they suddenly changed Little Women to Little Men, but Ghostbusters? Is it such a classic that you can’t mess with it? I did love the film at the time …

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